Wednesday, November 2, 2011


translate--"ghost.  boo."  G loves to say this.  Can you believe that last year he was so tiny?  only 3 months old? And FINE with having his head gear on?  And couldn't sit up?  And was so tiny and adorable?  And I still counted his age in WEEKS.  Weeks I tell you.  No clue how many weeks he is now.  Probably should add that to my MOTY resume, but I'm too lazy.  This year we opted for the dahhhhhhh costume.  (dog)  We love to say "dah!" (when hearing barking or seeing an actual dog) and then squat the toddler squat and say "HI DAH!"  loves.  them.  He even loves Gizmo who distinctly does not love him.  At all.  Not even a little.  How cute is this little dog?

And I got my big calfed boots in the mail and so requested a family photo.... only we had to do it ourselves.  We set it up on the jeep with the auto timer.... but holy hell, who knew that it was set on 85 pictures.  Here is a small portion of the pics.  And you can't even see my boots.  They're cute.  Take my word for it.

Happy Halloween!

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