Monday, November 21, 2011

Pinterest makes me fat.

No, and I'm not referring to the amount of time I spend sitting on the couch looking at other people's creative ideas and thinking about how I should try them, but instead will "pin" them and then forget and re-pin them again... oh, and make me want a new wedding.

it's this.  The greatest queso that ever lived.  I can't stop thinking about it.  Romanticizing about it.  Needing it. Imagining how it tastes.  Considering if my baby would wake up if I went to the store REALLY QUICKLY for the ingredients.  Babies first queso?  All signs point to yes.  I'm thinking this is in my immediate future.  I'm telling myself that I should try it now so I can perfect it for Thanksgiving.... because who doesn't have queso at thanksgiving?  I'm thinking it should be a new tradition.  I'm not a huge fan of turkey anyway.

So THAT is how pinterest is making me fat.  Well, that and the couch sitting thing.

Also, this is just a piece of advice in case you were thinking it's normal to try and get some random baby to come to you while his mom is holding him at big lots and seriously keep holding your hands out and asking him to come to you--this is not normal.  now take your pine cones (why do they always have pine cones?) and  let me go back and consider the amazing couch for $3 over there.

I've also never purchased anything at big lots because inevitably there is one checker and 3000 people---which I'm going biblical terms on the 3k people--so double that because women and children don't count, and I have zero patience for line standing.

Unless it was for the greatest queso that ever lived--or as I call it--salad dressing.  I feel thinner already.

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CDS said...

Pinterest makes me smile...I mean...I just want to make things and food...all the time!