Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving--a recap.

It happened.  We hosted again only this time I wasn't a sleep deprived gravy train of non-sense.  As much as a mom of a toddler can be, right?  I think that still counts as sleep deprived when your kid still wakes up.  Whatevs, though, whatevs.  I made an adequate amount of food.  The weather was fabs which meant we could sit outside, which meant we weren't crammed inside into a tiny living space, and......... there were drinks.  All in all a kind of fabulous holiday.  (Minus the fact that my nephew woke up puking on Saturday morning... or Friday night.  Technicalities, really.  All I know is that I saw a cone of vomit at least once.  But maybe we can ignore the fact that this happened because it was technically after t-giving.... though it was when my sister and I were going to splurge on pedicures--so nevermind, I'm counting it.)


Post ball throwing.

Uncle Chris.  Despite what it looks like... he does not have Mike Tyson face tats.  Just shadows.

Dada and G

So different from Christmas last year.  (which was a full fledged shit show.)


Glammy, Poppy and their grandkids

Glammy, Brooklyn and G$

Glammy and Brooklyn

This is my favorite picture.

Cutie siblings.


Blue steel


Baby Brookly (or broo broo as G calls her, and has been saying for 2 days)

Yep.  Red solo cup.  Take it.

Boo. (ladder golf, G$ style)


Ell-Monkey (pre-puking)

Digging with sticks.  G was fascinated by everything Ell does.

Mama and food mooch #1. 

Manny and food mooch #2

Thanks, mama.

I Did it!!!

Best fam photo we could make happen.

My sister told us to be candid so I stuck my finger up his what what.

Did you follow that?

On a side note, my hubs and BIL were throwing tiny airfilled child balls in our backyard before I announced "BALLS ARE ALL DONE" because my husband also pegged my child in the head.  That happened.  I saw it.  G$ also screamed for approx 2 hours on T-giving night.  Less fun.  teeth are bitches.  He is not owning them the way I have taught him.  And finally... a picture from last year to show you how BIG he is.

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CDS said...

What a sweet sweet family! I love it! you all look handsome! That G$ is to die for!