Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First world problems.

Here are my current ones.

I want to get G a kitchen.  We don't have space for it.
I want to buy him gifts, but don't want to travel with them for Christmas and travel back with them and really, don't we normally just get him what he needs?
Ben got me this new ipad-ish thing (android based) and I have no stinkin' clue how to use it.  Will I learn how to use this product?  I have no clue how to type on it.  Maybe not everyone searches the interwebs the way I do?  Meaning, I have blogs to read and random things to search for an put in my online "basket" only to not purchase them.  So do I keep it?  Will I learn?  Am I that technologically awful?  I need to edit pictures.

Help me.  Please.

Also considering a glass of wine.  I'm thinking yes, though.


jill said...

buy G the kitchen and don't haul it. let it be 'waiting' when you get back. we always do our own christmas at our house, after we've been to ALL the others, just so i don't have to haul the gifts from us.
good luck with the ipad-ish thing. there's always the will to learn, but the old way is always better. will he be mad if you return it? something to think about.
the end!

A.B. said...

I'm not sure where we would put the kitchen our downstairs is pretty small. Stinker. Yah, we would probably just open first? Or after... ug.
He wont' be mad. Just wants me to have something I'll use. Which is also what I want. Growing up sucks.

CDS said...

Let it be under the tree with a bow...our living space where C plays is pretty small too--so I feel your pain. I think that if he enjoys it---you deal and live with it. xoxo

Courtneytcu98 said...

Put the kitchen in your guest bathroom? Too gross. In front of the fire place that you never use anyway? On the patio? In the garage? I don't know. So many choices. I don't blame you for not wanting to haul presents. I think that you should do them before or after. You'll have enough to haul with the gifts from the fams.

Deana said...

Eff it. Really get smart and haul those gifts back, throw 'em in a gift bag, and watch him re-open them all over again. It's a money saver and there's nothing cuter than kids at Christmas. You should do it like once a week with crap from around the house. Candles. Aluminum cans. Magazines. They only like the boxes anyway!

Jill said...

We put Alexandra's kitchen in our kitchen - on an empty wall. It's probably a little crowded but I love that she can play there and I can watch her while I cook. We set it up and put a sheet over it and then when we came home from visiting family last year for Xmas, we told her Santa had come and left it for her. We did that with a few other things too that I wasn't going to travel with. And the kitchen isn't huge - maybe 3ft x3ft. I can send you the link to it if you want.