Friday, August 10, 2012

a little bit of conversation.

Sitting on the couch snuggling and having a snack...

me:  Griffin, I love you so much.
Griffin:  No tank ew, mommy.  I eating.  I not talking.

Griffin:  I wanna go see daddy.
Me:  Ok, lets go home and see him.
Griffin:  Why?
Me:  Because you said you wanted to see him.
Griffin:  Why?
Griffin:  I wanna see daddy.  We see 'em.

Griffin:  I see glammy and poppy.
Me:  Well, we'll see them soon.
Griffin:  Why?
Me:  because we love them.
Griffin:  Why?  Where toodles?
Me:  At glammy and poppy's house.
Griffin:  why?
Me:  Because she lives there.
Griffin:  Why?.... I wanna see glammy and poppy house.

signal the why's.  and the little stinker comments.  I listened to him ask Ben "why" about 5x tonight about brushing his teeth... then heard ben go into detail about why we have to brush our teeth including plaque build up etc etc.  Long pause... why?

I kind of was under the impression this waited for 3?

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