Thursday, August 30, 2012

upgrade. up grade. can I get an upgrade?

So if you noticed in my "guest post" I said I was wearing a fake engagement ring.  Thank Tom Cruise, and God, that I noticed that my stone in my engagement ring was loose.  I immediately took it off and stored it in a ziploc sandwich baggie.  I mean, double locking.  Wha what?

I took it to a jeweler yesterday only to find out that it's going to take a while to get back... a while and some $.  SOoooooooooooo I have decided to upgrade.  For only $12.95 at Nordstrom Rack you can treat yo' self, too.

I also plan on a lot of hand gestures.  Nice ones.  Like ladies.  With fake rings would make.

It also came with a wedding band, but I decided to "settle" for my real one.  I mean, that would just be overkill.  And, I'm nothing if not overly classy.

And TBH, y'all.  So you don't think I'm a COMPLETE biatch... I love my engagement ring.  And, when I've mentioned "upgrading" to Ben in the past... it was met with a blank stare.  Much like when I told him if this BB2 is a boy we'll just have to have another one.  And that my friends, will leave your husband staring blankly at you in an OBGYN's office.

watch the ring... watch the ring.

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