Monday, August 6, 2012

Super protein angel food cake.

so I wanted to make this.  Ben is working crazy hours this week (and last week... like got home at 2:45 last night.)  I wanted to make something for him to eat for breakfast, and because I like a delicious treat... and we had all of the ingredients except oat flour, which I went and got.

The first attempt I didn't read the directions well and threw everything in and blended it up.  Fail.  Ohhhhh I see you need to beat the egg whites first (stupid me) and so I started over.  And you know what?  My effing egg whites would not stiffen.  How many times have you read that in a blog?  They just couldn't get it up.  Jerks.  So I wasted 3 cups of egg whites.  And we had no "birthday cake" to celebrate with.  Griffin thinks all cake is birthday cake.  For him.



CDS said...

I don't know...that looks good.

A.B. said...

It does! I didn't even get to the cooking portion of mine because it stayed liquidy. I may try again tomorrow. I'll let ya know!

Anonymous said...

Make sure your bowl is dry or your eggs won't stiffen.

AComplicatedCliche said...

Have you tried viagra? That might help. :)