Thursday, August 16, 2012

Y'all gone make me lose my mind.

Our kitchen cabinets (read, not yet counter tops) are finally installed.  As of about 6 pm last night.  Now that the dust has settled... everywhere... I'm allowed back in the house.  We demoed this weekend (recall my rubber mallet issue?) and then they came on Monday morning to start the process.  That would take until about 3:30 on Monday and they'd be done by noon on Tuesday.  We had to kick them out at 7 on Tuesday and they left at 6 pm yesterday.

Everything that was in our kitchen is everywhere.  Living in chaos makes me chaotic.  It makes me have a need to bust out the bleach and put it in my steam mop and disinfect toys and clean all day for hours.  And probably (not) tackle our laundry pile.  I know it's bad when Ben wears a work polo to work.  Yikes, sorry about that.

You know what I can't do?  All of that in the 40 minutes that G slept this afternoon.  He is in a nap revolt.  That involves about 45 mins for me to eat lunch, decompress, do laundry clean up, (read blogs.)  IT IS'T ENOUGH TIME. It is definitely not enough time for me to get crazy.

Saving grace?  Dinner with my lovely friend Vickie from Whine and Babies.  Mostly  our early bird dinners consist of wine, talk about babies, husbands and eating sushi.  It's sanity making.  I need it to happen more often than it does.

Other saving grace?  I read today that Blossom was in a car accident and one of her fingers was almost severed.  Thank goodness it wasn't.  What would we do with Amy Farra Fowler missing a finger?

Less sanity making?  Impending guests at our house tomorrow afternoon.


Perry H. said...

Hang in there, Amanda. I was once in your shoes - I was the "wife" in the marriage - and I know whereof you speak. Sadly, all that fun ends and you have time to go to the gym for hours, read online comments in the thousands, and comment on blogs to your hearts content. And you would give anything to turn back the clock and have that little one in your arms again. You sound like a great mom, keep it up!

A.B. said...

I already have some bursts of that, Perry. Thanks for the reminder. He already seems so big. And doesn't seem to notice all the schmutz :) I like that about him.

vickie said...

As always, I agree with everything you said. :) And early bird dinners DO need to happen more! Time to start planning the next one.