Monday, January 7, 2013

Daily questions.

Number one.  How do I have so many eye brows?  Seriously.  I tweeze them EVERYDAY.  How are there that many more the next day.  Maybe I'm Madonna's other child?  Also, why are they black.  Why do they get so long?  What would happen if I did nothing?  I dont' really wonder that... I just have to look back at pictures of me before 10th grade.  When my mom would tell me I was "pretty".  Liar.

2.  When are the brothers from Property Brothers going to come find and take over a house for me?  Also, I need them to fund the 75k renovation.

3.  How have I been married for 8 years TOMORROW?  Not a daily question... just one today.  Secondary, when am I going to buy a card?  How long can I leave the house with my seemingly potty trained toddler who's bladder is about the size of mine aka... if he sneezed on his walk to starbucks he'd probably pee a little bit too.

4.  When can I quit work and organize the wasteland of my pantry and freezer?  Pinterest is ruining my lazy.

5.  When am I going to get some newborn stuff ready? crickets.  crickets.

1 comment:

CDS said...

I can't believe you are having anothe3r baby...i feel far behind!!