Monday, January 14, 2013

It was an accident... really.

I just purchased this.  By accident.  Like, I went to zulily and then I clicked on it and then I clicked purchase.  

I blame the baby.  And the sugar high.

Who leaves a pregnant woman home alone with home made chocolate chip cookies and the internet?


A.C. said...

hopefully zulily accepts returns because THAT is hideous!

A.B. said...

Seems like an unnecessary response. I suppose you weren't raised in the south, AC. I'm pretty thrilled about it.

Cate said...

Wow... I was just coming to comment on how much I like the bag and the red accents! Huzzah to having a baby bag that doesn't scream "BABY!" I think the pregnancy hormones and sugar high led you down the right path :)

As for the initial comment, I am continually amazed by how the internet can bring out the worst in people - such ugly, tacky, unkind discourse that is completely unnecessary. Who needs a little extra hate in their day?

Hugs to you, and your amazing-as-usual taste.

A.B. said...

Thanks to you, friend. I kind of wish the inside was yellow, or turquoise or purple, but red will do. It was the hormones :)

Miss you!

Sarah K said...

Apparently the mantra "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all" was lost on A.C.

I for one support any frivolous shopping purchases. Especially DWP. (Done while pregnant)

A.B. said...

Sarah, I'm stealing DWP. Awesome. Surely it's in the DSM5?

Heidi Bruch said...

Don't read this blog AC.

Love it, Amanda.