Monday, January 28, 2013


With my weekend of single parenting I won't like that on Sunday we watched some tv.

It included yo gabba gabba.  (guys choice.)

And, that there is a character named Fupa.  Who has a FUPA.  I was all... surely not?

Yah... I was wrong.  Not fupa.  Apparently it's Foofa.  Umm... sure.  Right.  I bet it is...

This last one is a google image.  It isn't me or Britney spears.


CDS said...

I just died a little. LOL

Jeannie Hunter said...

FYI I included a link to you on my new blog

Hope that's ok, you're one of my favorites.


A.B. said...

Of course Jeannie, you (and Esther) are my favorites, too.