Tuesday, February 19, 2013


The big boy bed.

Long time in the making.  It's navy.  It has rocket ship sheets (with saturn.)  It makes my big boy feel like a big boy.  And clearly I documented.  Via pictures of the monitor.  Going in after he was asleep.  Before he was asleep.

Night one... we had a minor hiccup in that he fell out of the bed at 5 am.  Oopsies.  Sorry bout that, baby.  He is taking long naps.  He doesn't throw a fit when I leave.  He doesn't pretend to need to potty every 3 seconds.  Y'all... who KNEW.

And yes.  Those are Christmas jams.  further proof of amazeballs parenting.

I really need to start posting more regularly.  because I am lame-o by 9 pm.  I assume it will only get better when I add a 2nd.


CDS said...

I need to jump on the big girl bed and full on full time potty training...You are my hero!

Heidi Bruch said...

So impressed. He is so cute and they are so tiny in these beds. I love being able to lay and read books together, don't you? He is sweet as can be!

A.B. said...

I do miss a diaper bottom, Ceci. So there's that.

Heidi, I do LOVE laying in bed. super cuddly. And I don't have to hoist 30 lbs over the side of a crib. WIN!