Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Date night.

Ben's bday was at the end of Jan.  Soooooooo super delayed bday dinner this past weekend at the Salty Sow.  Glammy and Poppy were in town so we headed out.  Adult style.  I even ordered a glass of wine.  Out.  With this big ol' belly.  I think they were too scared to say no.

It was delish.  mostly, the banana's foster beignets (that tasted kind of like a funnel cake) were to die for.  Then sent me over my food coma edge.  Note to self... stop when full.  Also, duckfat fries aren't as awesome as they sound.  Kind of just... fries.

designated driver.

a LOT of weeks.  36.5 I think?

All star wife even went went a long for a drink at a super hipster bar where people were smoking for this guy.  Wait... wasn't this about me?  


Heidi Bruch said...

My mouth is watering....I checked out the menu. Love date nights.

CDS said...

Such fun my friend!!

Sarah K said...

So fun! Your bump is the cutest.

A.B. said...

Dinner was amazingville. Loving the bump. Sad that it will be mush in a few weeks. SOmehow that doesn't seem fair.

Happy Bumping to you, Sarah!