Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy Birthday.

I met the Dr. Ben Black on his 17th birthday.  He wore a LL bean farm coat that was green with a brown courdaroy collar.  His hair parted to the side in a haircut I like to call "the comb over."  This makes him irrationally angry.  I thought he was pretty fabulous and easily embarrassed.  I had no shame and am always in for a laugh.  Yes, this was during the overall phase.  I believe the pair that weekend were kacki and paired with a plaid men's button up shirt from the gap.  Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwt.

I had to go out of town on Ben's bday this year, but before that we had ourselves a little morning time celebration complete with candles, donuts, and a happy bday sign.  I also left some cake balls for G and B to have that evening.  One G said, "he'd just hold" and refused to give it back.  I hear they were delicious.

So here's one for your Benjamin Andrew.  Benihana.  HusBen.  Daddy.


jill said...

i see he's lost the part...

A.B. said...