Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mom of the year. My child is gifted.

My sister constantly tells me how my child is gifted.  He's so smart.   He's going to be a genius.

Conversation last night on the phone--

Me:  Griffin wants to know where saturn is.  He says maybe it's up in the sky.

Courtney:  He's really gifted.  My kid doesn't know anything about Saturn.

Me:  Yah... it was on Little Einstein's.  Elliott is also super smarty.  Griffin has also added "All the single ladies" to his singing.

Courtney:  Elliott doesn't know anything about Saturn or tons of dinosaur names.

Me:  Yah... that's from watching dinosaur train.  Basically, everything he says that you think is smart he's learned from TV and learned from Beyonce.  You need to let your kids watch more tv.

Courtney: ... and listen to Beyonce.

And that's when I knew I had a parenting win.


Shaina said...

G and E are meant for each other!

A.B. said...

Now to get them in the same time zone!!!