Friday, May 10, 2013

and then she snapped.

this could be labled "mom.  mom.  mommy.  mama.  mum.  mama.  mom."  "let me vomit on you."  "how about you not sleep for 8 weeks."  "I need you."--stated by everyone in the entire house.  dogs.  kids.  husband.  kids.

sickness.  tiredness.

G was sick last week.  Ben then caught it.  He's still sick.  Now Meyer.  I still sleep in a few hour intervals.  Then today Ben asked why I was being short and I said, "Because I'm tired."  Then he told me "well, I'm tired too."

And then she snapped.

But then she had to wrangle one unnapped toddler, one sick newborn, and herself into a car for a doctors appointment where said toddler said the same effing thing 300x.  Then she had to take all of them into the dr's office where youngest child shiz himself and through his clothes and she had left her diaper bag in the car, because hello, she JUST CHANGED HIM, and some very nice mom in the waiting room offered me a diaper.  It's hard to pass a dr's appointment when you leave all important things in the car.  Then she had to come home and do laundry--to wash the poop stained vomited on clothes and have the toddler ask for "somesing" 400 MORE times.  And WHERE IS IT?

And she wondered... can I have alcohol for dinner?  I wonder what everyone else is having...

And then she snapped.

PS.  This is my one snapping in 8 weeks so I'm being dramatic.  It's how I'm my best me.  With a beer at 3pm.


Shaina said...

yes you can have alcohol for dinner, mix it with some sort of juice and you will be getting some vitamins right?!? Hang in there Mama. I give you major kudos for not punching B in the face after he said that to you. C would have made himself a nice cozy spot on the couch for that comment. Men.

Cate said...

Dude. Sometimes snapping is the ONLY reasonable response. It's just honest. Keeping it real. I mean, really, if you had been cool, collected, and calm when B said that to you, or after just about anything in your post, you pretty much would have been lying, and you probably said something about how you wouldn't lie in your wedding vows, right? So, ergo, you had to snap or you would be breaking your promises to God.

Done. You are a righteous, God-fearing, wine loving mama... or at least that's the story I'll tell people :)

Carol said...

I haven't commented in a long time cuz I just got back to reading you cuz I have little kids myself and at one point it was an infant and a toddler - ONE HELL OF A COMBO _ and as its been said a million times so I love being redundant, IT GETS BETTER. My infant and toddler are now nearly both preschoolers (nearly 3 and 5 years old) AND its much more fun because they are mobile and can express themselves without tantrums (mostly) and can buckle themselves in and use the toilet and get themselves water from the sink and...SO MUCH. So...hang on to the thought that one day you will have this amazing feeling of YESSSSSS I haven't wiped one ass today, well, except my own!