Thursday, May 30, 2013


So one of my friends from high school is selling this.  I had purchased the microderm paste.  Love it.  She wants me to sell it.  I said until I tried the full product I couldn't justify paying in to the "company" and marketing it.  That, and I've been on maternity leave and not been paid.  More info on the end of maternity leave--killing me.  again.

Things--I'm all about products.  I'm all about anti-aging.  I desperately desire perfect skin which I've never had.

These people created proactiv.  it's all the rage with Jessica Simpson before she had a lot of kids in like a year.

I just started yesterday.  I LOVE, am slightly obsessed, with how it smells.  I think my skin is softer.  I haven't noticed a miraculous difference yet.  I did take a "before" picture.  I think it's ridonk expensive... but so is botox and I totally want that.

What are you interested in face care wise?  How much would you pay for an amazing product?

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EMAAC said...

I'm an Arbonne girl -- love, love, love it! But, I've also been taking some new fancy expensive vitamins, Nu Skin, and I'm noticing some amazing results with my skin because of those (in addition to feeling healthier, having more energy, etc).