Monday, May 13, 2013

Suck it Mother's Day 2013.

You are over.  The week before you is over.  Hopefully all of my children (including the grown one) are on the mend.  When I took meyer back to the dr. today she ASSURED me that this is probably the worst of it.  It's on the ups from here.  Even though we spent yesterday in a super uncomfortable pre-room at the children's hospital.  A room without a bathroom or comfy chairs.  A room I held my sleeping super sick 8 week old for 6 hours.  It wasn't the champagne brunch I imagined.  People told me they were sad I had to spend mother's day like that.  Truth is, I don't want to spend any day like that.  The tiny bed.  The tiny blood pressure cuffs.  The tiny tiny kids who were so sick and in other rooms and crying.  I didn't like it one bit.  I didn't like being away from my bigger baby.  I feel like he has been neglected.  so I guess it was the perfect day to feel the right amount of mom guilt.  The perfect time to think about how I slept in the guest room the night before as my "gift."  Then to find out my tiny was only getting worse.  The dr. I cried in front of and confessed this to said I did the right thing.  He has 7 kids and sometimes a rested mama is the only thing that is in our control.  Then he gave me gauze--the kind we used on circumcision healing--for me to dry my tears and clean up baby vomit.  It's multi-purpose.  Maybe I should carry that in my purse?

So I claim a re-do.  We'll take our mother's day pictures in 2 weeks.  We will forget that yesterday happened.  Or that the day before when G had another ear infection the day after he finished his antibiotics for his OTHER ear infection didn't happen either.  Except that it was kind of awesome to have some special time with him.  Actually, it was awesome.  He was funny and lovely and needed his mama.

No clue where he got this "I wish I had a..." face.  He's hilarious though.

There are somethings that only a mama can do and that's what it's about.  So here's to being a mama... in 2 weeks :)


Elizabeth said...

I must admit, I burst out laughing at the title of this post, then read it and felt teary, then smiled at G's cuteness. Talk about a roller coaster! Here's to things looking up. Hang in there, mama.

Sarah K said...

Sorry about your Mother's Day. Mine was no where near that, but Kyle worked that day and it was just like any other ol' day. Weee! That video is presh. I like when he asked what color the germs are. Adorbs!