Sunday, May 5, 2013


I like any word with balls in it.  I know, it makes you want to be my bff by my saying that.

Today we went to the North Austin Trailer Yard.  Apparently every Sunday they have kid entertainment.  And awesome food.  (but no cocktails.  um, what?)  We pulled up and saw the animal statues and G asked, "mama, is this the zoo?"  We need to get out more.

We also tried the pool.  It lasted 30 seconds.  Too cold.

he has taken on his brothers stance to not smiling when the camera comes out.

What the what?  How many necks does this kid have?

Have I mentioned we are completely DIAPER FREE for G$?  Even at night time?  He has been potty trained for a while.  We were down to about 5 pull ups left and I didn't feel like buying more so I asked G if he wanted to skip the night time unders a few weeks ago.  He said yes... and so we are done.  We're green like that.  So austin.  without our plastic bags (annoying... especially for people who use diapers for their children.)

M is a cutie who sleeps on the go.  He naps when he can.  He is bathed not as often as he should be.  His mom is NOT concerned with him being on a schedule.  He spits up a lot.  Has a strong gag reflex (GAGGED and then projectile vomited on me the other night for giving him gas drops.  gross.)  G continues to be OBSESSED with him.  I wonder when that will end?

And now... I Need a nap.

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Jill said...

I love that he thought it was a zoo, plus now I am hungry for cheeseballs.