Thursday, May 30, 2013


So one of my friends from high school is selling this.  I had purchased the microderm paste.  Love it.  She wants me to sell it.  I said until I tried the full product I couldn't justify paying in to the "company" and marketing it.  That, and I've been on maternity leave and not been paid.  More info on the end of maternity leave--killing me.  again.

Things--I'm all about products.  I'm all about anti-aging.  I desperately desire perfect skin which I've never had.

These people created proactiv.  it's all the rage with Jessica Simpson before she had a lot of kids in like a year.

I just started yesterday.  I LOVE, am slightly obsessed, with how it smells.  I think my skin is softer.  I haven't noticed a miraculous difference yet.  I did take a "before" picture.  I think it's ridonk expensive... but so is botox and I totally want that.

What are you interested in face care wise?  How much would you pay for an amazing product?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mother's Day repeat

Because the original 2013 first mother's day sucked...we replayed today.  It involved mimosas.  And brunch.  And cheese grits.


holy shizballs.  We look a like.

Brookie Claire

Turned TWO.  how is that possible?  We had a whirlwind trip to the Ft. Worth's.  It was super fun and made me want to move there even more.  We had a great time.  I had a couple of great margarita's.  Baby girl is precious.   Photo overload.

2 months.

How this baby is 2 months old, I have no idea.  He is HAPPY.  He smiles.  He laughs.  He rolls over consistently.  He's spent mother's day in the hospital, with his mother, of course.  He does a lot of sleeping.  He does a lot of being shuffled around.  He patiently lets his brother get in his face and talk loudly.  Did I mention he sleeps?  This is new for me in the world of babies.  He has taken a road trip and been to his first birthday party (Brooklyn's.)  I'm tellin' ya, this kid is making waves.  I can't imagine life before him.  Except I can.  And it's both easier and harder.  You spit up more than anyone EVER.  In this history of ever.  I'm pretty sure.  It also makes my laundry like 18 fold.  hehe... fold.

you are 25% in everything... but your big ol' head.  Which is 55%.  You weigh 11.3 lbs.  You seem so tiny and so chunks all at the same time.

I love you.  Lots.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

First world problems.

G wants a "big bike" for his bday.  So we have looked at the balance bikes.  He isn't really interested.  I think he likes to pedal.  Sooooooo has anyone had a tri and then switched to a balance bike?  or how do your training wheel bikes work?

Give me some deets.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Suck it Mother's Day 2013.

You are over.  The week before you is over.  Hopefully all of my children (including the grown one) are on the mend.  When I took meyer back to the dr. today she ASSURED me that this is probably the worst of it.  It's on the ups from here.  Even though we spent yesterday in a super uncomfortable pre-room at the children's hospital.  A room without a bathroom or comfy chairs.  A room I held my sleeping super sick 8 week old for 6 hours.  It wasn't the champagne brunch I imagined.  People told me they were sad I had to spend mother's day like that.  Truth is, I don't want to spend any day like that.  The tiny bed.  The tiny blood pressure cuffs.  The tiny tiny kids who were so sick and in other rooms and crying.  I didn't like it one bit.  I didn't like being away from my bigger baby.  I feel like he has been neglected.  so I guess it was the perfect day to feel the right amount of mom guilt.  The perfect time to think about how I slept in the guest room the night before as my "gift."  Then to find out my tiny was only getting worse.  The dr. I cried in front of and confessed this to said I did the right thing.  He has 7 kids and sometimes a rested mama is the only thing that is in our control.  Then he gave me gauze--the kind we used on circumcision healing--for me to dry my tears and clean up baby vomit.  It's multi-purpose.  Maybe I should carry that in my purse?

So I claim a re-do.  We'll take our mother's day pictures in 2 weeks.  We will forget that yesterday happened.  Or that the day before when G had another ear infection the day after he finished his antibiotics for his OTHER ear infection didn't happen either.  Except that it was kind of awesome to have some special time with him.  Actually, it was awesome.  He was funny and lovely and needed his mama.

No clue where he got this "I wish I had a..." face.  He's hilarious though.

There are somethings that only a mama can do and that's what it's about.  So here's to being a mama... in 2 weeks :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

and then she snapped.

this could be labled "mom.  mom.  mommy.  mama.  mum.  mama.  mom."  "let me vomit on you."  "how about you not sleep for 8 weeks."  "I need you."--stated by everyone in the entire house.  dogs.  kids.  husband.  kids.

sickness.  tiredness.

G was sick last week.  Ben then caught it.  He's still sick.  Now Meyer.  I still sleep in a few hour intervals.  Then today Ben asked why I was being short and I said, "Because I'm tired."  Then he told me "well, I'm tired too."

And then she snapped.

But then she had to wrangle one unnapped toddler, one sick newborn, and herself into a car for a doctors appointment where said toddler said the same effing thing 300x.  Then she had to take all of them into the dr's office where youngest child shiz himself and through his clothes and she had left her diaper bag in the car, because hello, she JUST CHANGED HIM, and some very nice mom in the waiting room offered me a diaper.  It's hard to pass a dr's appointment when you leave all important things in the car.  Then she had to come home and do laundry--to wash the poop stained vomited on clothes and have the toddler ask for "somesing" 400 MORE times.  And WHERE IS IT?

And she wondered... can I have alcohol for dinner?  I wonder what everyone else is having...

And then she snapped.

PS.  This is my one snapping in 8 weeks so I'm being dramatic.  It's how I'm my best me.  With a beer at 3pm.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Murder and newborns.

In the middle of the night as I was thinking about sleep training et al and considering murdering my husband.  I'm really good at multi-tasking.  Anyway, so I was marveled by my insights into parenting and life, as I often am at 4 am and thought about how we spend SO MUCH TIME reading about/training our kids to learn to sleep on their own.

Then we grow up and get married and have to learn to sleep with someone else.  Just sayin'.  I get why the kids are confused.

Snoring inspires hatred.

I'm a bad person.

Ben has been super dad.

I hate snoring.  And 4 am.

Sunday, May 5, 2013


I like any word with balls in it.  I know, it makes you want to be my bff by my saying that.

Today we went to the North Austin Trailer Yard.  Apparently every Sunday they have kid entertainment.  And awesome food.  (but no cocktails.  um, what?)  We pulled up and saw the animal statues and G asked, "mama, is this the zoo?"  We need to get out more.

We also tried the pool.  It lasted 30 seconds.  Too cold.

he has taken on his brothers stance to not smiling when the camera comes out.

What the what?  How many necks does this kid have?

Have I mentioned we are completely DIAPER FREE for G$?  Even at night time?  He has been potty trained for a while.  We were down to about 5 pull ups left and I didn't feel like buying more so I asked G if he wanted to skip the night time unders a few weeks ago.  He said yes... and so we are done.  We're green like that.  So austin.  without our plastic bags (annoying... especially for people who use diapers for their children.)

M is a cutie who sleeps on the go.  He naps when he can.  He is bathed not as often as he should be.  His mom is NOT concerned with him being on a schedule.  He spits up a lot.  Has a strong gag reflex (GAGGED and then projectile vomited on me the other night for giving him gas drops.  gross.)  G continues to be OBSESSED with him.  I wonder when that will end?

And now... I Need a nap.

Holy monster time suck.

two kids.  They will suck all time from you.

I was once clever and had time to put on eye make up.

Now I mostly bathe everyday.  Then get spit up on.  Then say oh well.  Wipe it off.  And go on about my day.  My day of tripping over 200 tiny trains and train tracks.  Watching my language.  And taking someone to the bathroom/changing diapers.  Then wondering what day it is.

I have plans of writing clever, funny and witty things, but by the time I get time to sit down and have computer time.  I go for the easy way of checking out instagram.  Lazy.  I'm lazy.

So get on instagram, why dontcha!

What would Ryan Lochte do?