Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Mass Exodus.

Tomorrow is a day I've been waiting for. I leave the AUS and head to Nashvegas to meet up with some of my closest friends from the grad school years. I'm sure we'll spend plenty of time in our cabin worshiping and trying to figure out how to turn water to wine. I mean, this WAS the first miracle. I have not seen many of these women in at least a year or 2, which is so sad. I mean, we go and meet and love one another for 3 years and then we spread all across the US. Perhaps this is also like the tower of babel. Luckily we'll be able to hear one another despite our different languages. Or something like that. I think I'm trying too hard to make us sound saavy, professional, and studied. Ok, perhaps I'm just trying to make myself sounds this way.

I hear that Linzie will be performing a liturgical dance to sound of a mixer full of margarita's being stirred. Well, I believe she actually said that she'd call it a liturgical dance, but would most likely just be intoxicated and falling down. I bet it will be a moving performance.

What do I pack for a low key weekend? Everything I"m sure. My skill is not in packing, but in over-packing and despising every minute of it wondering why I'm not insanely wealthy and own someone to do this for me. I would be one of those good owners who really values your opinion and uplifts you in every way. I believe I was born into the wrong caste. Surely the Brahmans want me. right?

Trashville here I come. You don't know what you are getting when these ladies descend upon your city. Praise songs? Possibly. Theological discussions? Most likely. Gossiping? Definitely. Drunkenness on the drink of the gods? Most assuredly.

So I will leave this city that I love to hate, pack up my slightly larger clothing, try to hide my grey hairs that are on display, attempt to conceal my teenage blemishes, and hope to present myself like the lady I am... the lady who loves her ladies, loves to travel, and cant' wait to laugh her ass off. And it all comes back to weight loss :)


Catherine said...

Did you know sangiovese means "the blood of Zeus"? Clearly, wine is divine :)

Second Thought said...

It was so good to see you!!!

A-Bla said...

I did NOT know that that was what it meant. I will now, and always, come to you for wine snobbery :)