Saturday, April 26, 2008

I'm committed.. or shoud I be committed?

So my mom was in town this weekend. Well, technically she got in town on Thursday night and left late this afternoon. I miss her. Seriously, how can I be a grown up if I miss my mom? We didn't really do all that much. We shopped, hung out, ate, got pedicures. The usual. I desperately want to live closer to my parents. (yes, I realize I just posted something about moving to another continent.) Ug. How can I think about having children when I want my mommy? I'm such a dichotomy. Suck.

In other news, my sweet husband returns home tonight. YAY.

This is a lame post. apologies.


Meg said...

Hiya! I know what you mean...I find myself wanting to live closer to my parents, yet I have just promised to live in AZ for at least 4 more years!! Crazy! Hope you're enjoying Austin- I miss it like crazy!

Mandy said...

Hey! I am loving reading your blog! You have always cracked me up!! I am so glad that you had a good time with your mom! It is a blessing to have that amazing relationship.