Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do you're homework.

I am annoyed... with one of the things on my favorite things. TNT has failed me. Ok, this isn't true, but I'm still frustrated. So, I'm doing a smaller race, no, not the Nike. There are 14 of us traveling to SA in November. I've asked a while ago where we would be staying and JUST TODAY they sent something out about our accomodations. Well. A. it's expensive. I have to pay for ben to stay with me since I'm not going to room with another participant. B. My family and friends can't stay there beacuse it's booked (and expensive.) So, I started calling other hotels and... if the homework had been done prior to today I probably wouldn't have found that like EVERY hotel in the city is booked except for a couple of smoking rooms. Gross town. Who stays in those? (ok, obvi answer is people who smoke.)

I am a planner. I admit it. I'm a planner ESPECIALLY when other people are relying on me. I read yesterday that perhaps I am one of the people who agonize a bit too much over decisions and do too much research so then I debate and take more time than should be taken to make a person optimally happy. I'm not sure where this research took place, but that is the category into which I fall. It works for me.. and it works out for me... ultimately finding good deals and being aware of options. At least i HAVE options.

Ug. I guess it all falls down to respecting other persons (or at least I say it falls to this because I like to think that I respect other peoples--opinions, time, finances etc.) Aka.. I don't think any meeting should last more than an hour. If you are being efficient all things should be taken care of by then. If not, hold a follow up meeting. As a friend says... all meetings should be done standing up.

So now my mom is out there reserving away on hotel options... so she has choices. I am now sitting and waiting for the response from the person who is "in charge" of these arrangements. I want to see how this goes. Arg. I know. Harsh words.

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