Friday, September 5, 2008

fiesta at my crib-o

I'm going to have a nephew! I'm pretty thrilled about knowing this because now, I can also begin the shopping. I did scout some things today. Not going to lie... baby clothes = adorable.

I have also been at my job for a little over a month. It's going well, I'm still learning what I'm doing. I also learned that beginning on the 15th I have to start dressing "professionally." Problem. I don't have that many "professional clothes" or shoes. Suck. I attempted to find things today, but basically on succeeded in purchasing Ben clothes. So, feel free to mail me things. Um, and can we discuss who the heck wears panty hose any more? I think we are supposed to wear them when our summer clothing is over/professional attire begins. I'm sure that this is sexist somehow. I haven't worn panty hose in fo-eva. I don't even attempt to wear spanx anymore because I can't breathe when I have them on--which I suppose is their purpose.

I got a haircut last night. Um, I was sitting in the chair singing the praises of Ryan, my stylist, loving him. Then, he just kept cutting. I kind of have bangs all the way around my head. Ben says it's cute. I say... holy crap I have a high school reunion rapidly approaching. I need to be cuter than I was in high school. This is not going to happen if I have bang head. boo. Not much of a way to remedy this. Perhaps hats will be in style and it will be hot?

Training is... going. It's so freakin hot outside. Well, that and my legs are hurting. I'm not sure what's going on so to fix it I've been eating more frozen yogurt. This is making my bones stronger I'm sure. I don't think that the problem is my bones though, I think it's the muscles. After much research today (maybe 3 minutes) I found that my butt muscles aren't strong enough. I'm not entirely sure that this is actually true, but it was the first thing I found.

AND now... a list of some things I love--in no particular order
My dogs, diorshow mascara, laura geller eye spackle, laura geller mineral makeup, good jeans, nephews, friends, wine, sushi, sake, the whole dining experience, running, buying clothes, flip flops, cool weather, clean sheets, reading a good book, having my head massaged, a normal massage, sleeping in, vacation, fruit... ok, I"m tired of thinking.

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