Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, this is my week of detox, though perhaps I've shared a bottle of wine 2 times with the hubs this week. Oops. But, I've been running so that's good, right? ok... I missed one long run in the last 2 weeks so that isn't good... and I'm trusting that when everyone talkes about this "tapering" process that I'm SUPPOSED to feel like I'm losing all endurance and athletic ability. I hope so, because that's exactly what I feel like. That, and that I'm gaining 10 lbs per day. EXACTLY what I need.

I'm still in search of my perfect raceday skirt. I sucked it up and bought the one I've been coveting and took it for a test run on monday. Highly disappointing. It has all of my skirt needs--lots of pockets and a hole for my headphones to go through, but alas, it rides up and that isn't attractive. So, I'm still in search. I just realized today is Thursday so maybe I can go check a different one out tonight or tomorrow between getting my hiar cut and my eyes checked. Hopefully they'll keep my eyes bad for a little while until I have time to get my hair colored. Eh? it might work. Oh Ryan, why do you not always conform to my schedule?

Tonight. Get excited. You won't believe the joy this brings me--but I am going to bedazzle my raceday shirt. I mean, not in the TRUE bedazzling sense because I'm not adding rinestones (sadly,) but I AM adding some sparkly puff paint. What more could a girl want? This way I will fashionably display the names of persons for whom I run in honor and in memory. I'm a puff paint nerd. I realize this. No need to chastise. I tried to think of a place to add some rinestones, but I can't think of anywhere appropriate.

I know I've been blogging about this run, for... forever, but it's FINALLY here. 6 months of giving up on being fun and going out and all of those good things. Granted, it's been a nice tradeoff of learning the city, getting new friends, pushing myself to the limit.. oh, and helping find a cure for cancer.

So, now it's Wednesday--crap, no it's THURSDAY and I just have 3 days until I meet my demise--push myself to the ultimate limit (and hopefully be able to run the whole time). I can't wait to cross the finish line. I'm deathly afraid of those last 6 miles. I'll hit mile 20 and have about another hour to go. I mean, that last mile--victory lap for sure, but I don't want to collapse, but don't judge me if I do. I'll blame it on the emotions. Then I'll have a beer and be instantly drunkstown (which ='s funstown.) Then, I want to go eat some amazing nachos covered in queso, have a margarita and then an ice both and THEN take a nap. Woah... busy day.

Pray for me. light a candle, chant my name, something on Sunday morning. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for good weather and no chaffing.

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K said...

I am SO proud of you! You are part of the inspiration that keeps me running, and I'm only doing a half! I just got the sad news today that my boss's best friend's husband passed away from multiple myeloma, and it makes me all the more determined to find a cure. You can do it!!!! And then drink 12 bottles of wine :).