Monday, November 10, 2008


SO, there are some things I don't quite get... I know I'm not ALWAYS anal retentive and I'm not as obsessive about cleaning as I obsess in my mind to be. Does that make sense? It does to me...I have the obsessions and not always the compulsions :) Anyway, I've noticed, though, that I have reacted to my mom's inability to be on time--anywhere--ever. SO, this weekend I went home after running my LAST group run before the day of physical exhaustion... we high tailed it to Dallas, went to the SMU football game, had a lovely evening with friends and stayed at Ben's parents house. I was going to Ft. Worth the next morning to have lunch with moomsy and poopsy and sister prior to her FIRST baby shower. It takes me an hour to get to the lunch destination, and I leave in adequate time, checking the clock approx every 15 minutes to make sure I'll be there at 12 or 12:15 at my mothers request. I arrive, at 12:02. Safe. I get out of the car, walk towards the line, only to answer my phone and have my mom say, "I hope you're running late?" me, "Um, no. I just got here. Where are you?" her "Well..... perhaps I'm running a bit late." me "Where are you?" Her.. "Rhome..." which I know means she hasn't even made it there yet. It means that she's ACTUALLY about 10 minutes from this high hope of a goal. I don't understand. I worry, continually, about being on time for such events. Well, not worry continously, but make extreme effort and stress (this is not helped when I have not planned out my attire as this WILL cause me to be late and my husband to get a glass of wine and take his appropriate place on the couch and say, that looks nice with each outfit I parade in front of him with the constant comments of "I hate my clothes. I want a new wardrobe." ) Our differences can also be seen in the lack of planning for thanksgiving that sends her into uncontrollable Holiday mom... or Holiday Helga as I affectionately call her (while hiding from the wrath.) I'm sure this holiday-ness is passed down from female to female who hose family gatherings. YOu become stressed and speak in high pitches and expect people to read your mind about what you should be doing. I'm sure I'll someday succomb to the illness that I believe xanex can fix. I am trying to help her come upw tih a list of foods... days to prepare and then the final preparations will be easy. She resists like a teenager going to church or a middle school boy taking a shower. Alas... I have created a reaction to this constant lateness, frenzied, hurried, holiday mom... that I'm sure will be my future--God bless us all.

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beth said...

ha! love you for who you are...and for you still loving the the ones who aren't like you :)