Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I wanna go fast

So, for all 3 of you that read this blog with the sort of dedication in which I write (half hazardly of course), I'm sure you've been awaiting my post about completing my FIRST marathon and even more interested to hear how my new skirt worked out.

As a marathoner (I like to throw that in there)... ok, perhaps I should start at the beginning. I was really nervous about this weekend! I mean, I've done my training (almost all of it) and have run a 20 mile-er before, but never the full 26.2. And, because of the taper I was beginning to worry that I had lost all semblance of endurance (though I've been assured that this doesn't happen that quickly.) Anywho... we started in coral 15--(we ='s people from my running group that typically stick together on our long runs.) There were about 5 of us and I was super thankful for them. I went to bed early on Saturday after a long day of traversing San Antonio by foot and then our Pasta Party with some great speakers and moving talks about the changes that have been made in the last 20 years in finding a cure for cancer. For example, in 1988 the cure rate for Hodgkins was like 5% and is now about 90%. Team in training is largely responsible for the amount of funding that goes towards both cancer research and helping to fund families expenses. Anywhoozles... so I woke up super early and put on my bedazzled race day shirt, my new skirt, stuffed the pockets with gu and salt pills, body glided up, donned the shoes and the ipod and headed downstairs to meet the TEAM. Let me tell you... it was COLD on Sunday morning. cold cold cold, but only for about 2 miles. I tossed my long sleeves, my gloves, and my headband thing for my ears around mile 2. there were 30,000 participants at this race (700 of which were TNT) so needless to say it was necessary to have 30 corrals of people who started in waves.

My Ah-mazing husband woke up early and saw me at mile 3, 8, 10, (something else) and then SURPRISED me at mile 24, and let me tell you, I needed it then! but I get ahead of myself. So, brain function was not at 100% and for about 20 seconds I tried to figure out what half of 26.2 miles is, duh. Anyway, we passed the half way point and it was a little overwhelming to think about how much further we had. It was a LONG out and back from there with not many spectators, bands, or supporters. What is amazing, though, with TNT is having your own name on your shirt and EVERYONE cheers for you, by name. It's very encouraging and moving. I had coaches from other teams run with me 2 times just to check to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. I also saw Adine (I run for her dad, Ali) 2x. She is such an inspiration (sadly, no pics of us from the course this year.) Well, we lost one of my running friends about mile 13, and another around 18 and then I had my last one stick with me through mile 20 and then she needed to walk so I was by myself. I kept going. I knew that if I stopped then I might not be able to keep going. It was great. I saw Ben at 24 and he ran with me a little bit and kept telling me how strong I looked and how great I was doing and he'd see me at the finish line. I kept going and then ran into our coaches at mile 25ish and Stephanie and Katie ran with me for about 1/2 a mile so once I was to 25.5 I told Steph that I could make it the rest of the way. I sped up, gave it my all and basically sprinted the last 1/2 mile (I'm crazy... it's what I do.) It was awesome! I was so excited to be finished and not keel over (yet.) So, I finish, raise my hands, get ushered through some lines, take a photo, find the TNT tent, get a pbj and a water and then... death ensues. I had to sit down... I almost yarfed. Literally, I had to sit for about 45 minutes with minimal talking, much concentrating on keeping my food inside me, and then laying on the ground. I also went through a brief period of wanting to choke my mom (should I have been able to move) because she asked about 5 minutes after I finished if my legs hurt. Yes, yes they did in case you are also wondering. She meant well and I was excited that my parents were there! yay. They left and we sat at the finish line a long time and hung out with friends (ben claims my hair smelled good.) Then we walked about a mile back to the hotel, had a few beers, ate 2 dinners, went to the victory part, went to a concert, went back to the hotel and went to bed.

Good Lord... I'm missing so many details about the amazingness. I also had to get up and head back to Austin early because of a board meeting I couldn't avoid on Monday morning.. I even wore HEELS! I felt really great with minimal soreness. I took yesterday off and had my first pedicure in like 5 months. delish.

Now what do I train for?

(pics coming soon.)


Nikki said...

You are amazing. I'm so proud of you.

K said...

I am SO proud of you!!!!! That is an amazing accomplishment, and I certainly love the cause you did it for :).