Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For whom I run

Mile 1--Ali--in Memory (Adine's father)
2--Hannah--in memory (friend from Candler's sister)
3--Ben--in honor (in my youth group in Atlanta)
4--Emily--teams honored hero
5--Rebecca--teams honored hero
6--Korey--teams honored hero
7--Kelli Lillienstern--In Honor (One of Ben's friends from college--and now my friend--running her first TNT event in JANUARY!!!)
8--Mark Rogers-Berry
12--The Weldon's
13--My TEAM (all my ladies--and the 3 guys in Austin who I have met 2x a week for the last 6 months)
14--Beth and Tom
15--Jeannie and Rob Hunter-Dunbar (their wedding song came on)
16--Adine Zornow
17--My SMU sista's
18--For Change!
19--My In-laws
20--My Candler Peoples
21--My friends in the ATL
22--for every person who has been a TNT runner--walker--triatholoner--hiker--biker--For all the training and time and the $ raised.
23--Courtney and Chris
24--Ben Black (he was there)
25--My Parents
.2--all of those whom feel the affects of Blood Cancers


Second Thought said...

Thanks, Manders!!
And muchos congratulations! Did you actually ever run while you were up here?
I miss you.

K said...

Ok, this one is making me cry a little bit. :)