Monday, November 24, 2008

27 minutes left to save the world...

or of my Monday, which is more like a Tuesday or Wednesday since it's a short work week. YAY for that... boo for extensive traveling. I'm sure I've complained about this before to you 3 readers, oh wait, I have 4 now, I forgot! Anywho's... occasionally, I wish that my parents and my in-laws lived in completely different areas. Instead, they are an hour apart and there is always an expectation of our seeing everyone and being in a continual drive from Dallas to Ft. Worth and Ft. Worth to Dallas. It's tiring. I mean, I'm also thankful that I don't have to choose to split holidays and we CAN see people, but good Lord... It's exhausting. It actually makes me tired just to think about. So, we are driving to Dallas on wed. after work--with the entire population of Austin on IH 35. Yay for that... and then we're running the Dallas turkey trot, and then immediately driving to my parents house where at 2pm everyone--my husbands, parents, aunt and uncle, cousin, cousin, cousin, and gma will also arrive. Somehow there family has gotten larger than ours? Then, I will continue to graze for an entire day--eating when I'm not hungry, passing through the kitchen and picking up a left over dinner roll, eating mac n cheese in mass quantities, and forcing myself to eat one piece of turkey (I don't like it.) I'll lie on the couch that evening wondering how many calories I've consumed. I'll probs watch a movie that no one else will actually be watching because they too are in a food coma that requires rest. Friday--is the dilemma. I was hoping to stay in town and go to Ft. Worth for the parade and lighting of the tree. but, one of Ben's ETX cousins is in a play off game in Tyler. So option 2 is to drive to Tyler and watch the game and then stay the night at the farm only to have his E.TX thanksgiving at the Farm on Saturday and stay the night and then drive 5 million (or just 5) hours back to Austin. yay... if only someone else paid for our gas.

Perhaps I can find a downloadable form of the next twilight book on audio. I'm sure that listening about vampires would probably cure my travel woes. On amazon, though, it's like $30 and that's crazy. I can use good old fashioned books for much cheaper.

In other holiday-ness I have begun my Christmas shopping. I'd like for it to be over quickly so that I don't have to ruin my holiday spirit by being in a shopping area with other people. it makes me cranky.

And... I have ridiculously short pixie hair. I think I kinda like it. I went in to get my color done on Friday, and Ryan "had a vision" and so chopped all my hair off. Loverly.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

It's sweeping the (high school) nation...

and I've jumped on that audacious car and am taking flight with the vampires. I've mentioned my new found intoxication with Twilight. It's true. I even read at lunch. Nerd. The movie comes out this weekend and I'm not sure I want to see it and let me tell you why... the pictures I have already seen of some of the characters are not how I imagine them--especially Bella. I think she should be more plain looking. Whatevs though. I want to see it. I have about 160 pages left in the book. I'm sure I can get it done, but not before my....

2nd Date with my new friend! Yes, that's right... I don't think we're official yet, but we've gone out once before, shared a sofa bed at a bachelorette party, and we have our 2nd sushi and wine event planned for tonight. I know I know... making friends should be easy, and I have friends, but when you are venturing out into that territory of making NEW friends it's a bit daunting. I mean, you have to be on your best behavior--only subtle tackiness, you think about what you wear, where you'll eat, etc!... as if I don't constantly think about where I'll eat--this is neither here nor there, though. I've already prefaced this evening with the fact she can't judge me because my roots need to be done (getting done tomorrow) and that my face is flaky and peeling from being sunburned this weekend. (Which, PS, is a hideous (and itchy) thing.) To prepare I just went and got some froyo--seriously, I have a problem with my frozen yogurt consumption. If things go well tonight, we may even make it to the new cupcake store that just opened. That's serious. I have instant intrigue and devotion to her for admitting that she has a thing of marshmellow fluff in her closet though. We are MFEO, maybe I'll buy her a necklace.

Tomorrow I'm getting my hair colored (and hopefully shaped up on the left side.) When I left the salon last week my hair was cute, and then I fixed it myself and the left side is wonky. Granted, the left side of my hair flips out, but this is just annoying me. AND, we (basically Ryan, my hair guy) decided to grow out my bangs (I always just do what the hair people say), and so they are also annoying and awkward. yay... Ok, color--thoughts? I'm thinking of going dark for winter--but not too dark. Any suggestions?

I also have happy hour tomorrow night with some of my running group. It's like our first Friday out because there is no run sat morning! YAY. I'm totes sleeping in, and then unfortch doing laundry and cleaning. Booooooooooooo

And it's finally going to be cold tomorrow! Yay! Somehow, though, ever winter I'm convinced I have zero clothing options available. I think winter clothes must only last one season or something.

And last night... I know... lots of ands, but anyway... we saw the space station fly through the sky, went to see Bond, and got tickets to the Nutcracker!!! Rawr. duh du dududu dududu dingle dingle ding

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

For whom I run

Mile 1--Ali--in Memory (Adine's father)
2--Hannah--in memory (friend from Candler's sister)
3--Ben--in honor (in my youth group in Atlanta)
4--Emily--teams honored hero
5--Rebecca--teams honored hero
6--Korey--teams honored hero
7--Kelli Lillienstern--In Honor (One of Ben's friends from college--and now my friend--running her first TNT event in JANUARY!!!)
8--Mark Rogers-Berry
12--The Weldon's
13--My TEAM (all my ladies--and the 3 guys in Austin who I have met 2x a week for the last 6 months)
14--Beth and Tom
15--Jeannie and Rob Hunter-Dunbar (their wedding song came on)
16--Adine Zornow
17--My SMU sista's
18--For Change!
19--My In-laws
20--My Candler Peoples
21--My friends in the ATL
22--for every person who has been a TNT runner--walker--triatholoner--hiker--biker--For all the training and time and the $ raised.
23--Courtney and Chris
24--Ben Black (he was there)
25--My Parents
.2--all of those whom feel the affects of Blood Cancers

Teenage Angst

All I need is some skinny jeans, a scarf, a tanktop, and maybe some vans? And I'll be an adequate high schooler--complete with my interest in devouring a book about vampire love. Yes, I gave in. I have now purchased (and read 260 pages in one night) of TWILIGHT. I mean, everyone knows that I am a reading nerd, this is no secret. I also have a love of popculture... though I'm not sure I can call this culture. Whatever. I'm in. I'm an Edward fan.

Is this a good book? eh? Um, not as much as it is entertaining. I won't add it to my list of faves or anything, but I will read obsessively until I've finished it, go to the movie, critique it, and then purchase the next one in the series.

Ps. I learned last night that it's just a myth that vampires sleep in coffins. They can, however, read minds.

I wanna go fast

So, for all 3 of you that read this blog with the sort of dedication in which I write (half hazardly of course), I'm sure you've been awaiting my post about completing my FIRST marathon and even more interested to hear how my new skirt worked out.

As a marathoner (I like to throw that in there)... ok, perhaps I should start at the beginning. I was really nervous about this weekend! I mean, I've done my training (almost all of it) and have run a 20 mile-er before, but never the full 26.2. And, because of the taper I was beginning to worry that I had lost all semblance of endurance (though I've been assured that this doesn't happen that quickly.) Anywho... we started in coral 15--(we ='s people from my running group that typically stick together on our long runs.) There were about 5 of us and I was super thankful for them. I went to bed early on Saturday after a long day of traversing San Antonio by foot and then our Pasta Party with some great speakers and moving talks about the changes that have been made in the last 20 years in finding a cure for cancer. For example, in 1988 the cure rate for Hodgkins was like 5% and is now about 90%. Team in training is largely responsible for the amount of funding that goes towards both cancer research and helping to fund families expenses. Anywhoozles... so I woke up super early and put on my bedazzled race day shirt, my new skirt, stuffed the pockets with gu and salt pills, body glided up, donned the shoes and the ipod and headed downstairs to meet the TEAM. Let me tell you... it was COLD on Sunday morning. cold cold cold, but only for about 2 miles. I tossed my long sleeves, my gloves, and my headband thing for my ears around mile 2. there were 30,000 participants at this race (700 of which were TNT) so needless to say it was necessary to have 30 corrals of people who started in waves.

My Ah-mazing husband woke up early and saw me at mile 3, 8, 10, (something else) and then SURPRISED me at mile 24, and let me tell you, I needed it then! but I get ahead of myself. So, brain function was not at 100% and for about 20 seconds I tried to figure out what half of 26.2 miles is, duh. Anyway, we passed the half way point and it was a little overwhelming to think about how much further we had. It was a LONG out and back from there with not many spectators, bands, or supporters. What is amazing, though, with TNT is having your own name on your shirt and EVERYONE cheers for you, by name. It's very encouraging and moving. I had coaches from other teams run with me 2 times just to check to see how I was doing and if I needed anything. I also saw Adine (I run for her dad, Ali) 2x. She is such an inspiration (sadly, no pics of us from the course this year.) Well, we lost one of my running friends about mile 13, and another around 18 and then I had my last one stick with me through mile 20 and then she needed to walk so I was by myself. I kept going. I knew that if I stopped then I might not be able to keep going. It was great. I saw Ben at 24 and he ran with me a little bit and kept telling me how strong I looked and how great I was doing and he'd see me at the finish line. I kept going and then ran into our coaches at mile 25ish and Stephanie and Katie ran with me for about 1/2 a mile so once I was to 25.5 I told Steph that I could make it the rest of the way. I sped up, gave it my all and basically sprinted the last 1/2 mile (I'm crazy... it's what I do.) It was awesome! I was so excited to be finished and not keel over (yet.) So, I finish, raise my hands, get ushered through some lines, take a photo, find the TNT tent, get a pbj and a water and then... death ensues. I had to sit down... I almost yarfed. Literally, I had to sit for about 45 minutes with minimal talking, much concentrating on keeping my food inside me, and then laying on the ground. I also went through a brief period of wanting to choke my mom (should I have been able to move) because she asked about 5 minutes after I finished if my legs hurt. Yes, yes they did in case you are also wondering. She meant well and I was excited that my parents were there! yay. They left and we sat at the finish line a long time and hung out with friends (ben claims my hair smelled good.) Then we walked about a mile back to the hotel, had a few beers, ate 2 dinners, went to the victory part, went to a concert, went back to the hotel and went to bed.

Good Lord... I'm missing so many details about the amazingness. I also had to get up and head back to Austin early because of a board meeting I couldn't avoid on Monday morning.. I even wore HEELS! I felt really great with minimal soreness. I took yesterday off and had my first pedicure in like 5 months. delish.

Now what do I train for?

(pics coming soon.)

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So, this is my week of detox, though perhaps I've shared a bottle of wine 2 times with the hubs this week. Oops. But, I've been running so that's good, right? ok... I missed one long run in the last 2 weeks so that isn't good... and I'm trusting that when everyone talkes about this "tapering" process that I'm SUPPOSED to feel like I'm losing all endurance and athletic ability. I hope so, because that's exactly what I feel like. That, and that I'm gaining 10 lbs per day. EXACTLY what I need.

I'm still in search of my perfect raceday skirt. I sucked it up and bought the one I've been coveting and took it for a test run on monday. Highly disappointing. It has all of my skirt needs--lots of pockets and a hole for my headphones to go through, but alas, it rides up and that isn't attractive. So, I'm still in search. I just realized today is Thursday so maybe I can go check a different one out tonight or tomorrow between getting my hiar cut and my eyes checked. Hopefully they'll keep my eyes bad for a little while until I have time to get my hair colored. Eh? it might work. Oh Ryan, why do you not always conform to my schedule?

Tonight. Get excited. You won't believe the joy this brings me--but I am going to bedazzle my raceday shirt. I mean, not in the TRUE bedazzling sense because I'm not adding rinestones (sadly,) but I AM adding some sparkly puff paint. What more could a girl want? This way I will fashionably display the names of persons for whom I run in honor and in memory. I'm a puff paint nerd. I realize this. No need to chastise. I tried to think of a place to add some rinestones, but I can't think of anywhere appropriate.

I know I've been blogging about this run, for... forever, but it's FINALLY here. 6 months of giving up on being fun and going out and all of those good things. Granted, it's been a nice tradeoff of learning the city, getting new friends, pushing myself to the limit.. oh, and helping find a cure for cancer.

So, now it's Wednesday--crap, no it's THURSDAY and I just have 3 days until I meet my demise--push myself to the ultimate limit (and hopefully be able to run the whole time). I can't wait to cross the finish line. I'm deathly afraid of those last 6 miles. I'll hit mile 20 and have about another hour to go. I mean, that last mile--victory lap for sure, but I don't want to collapse, but don't judge me if I do. I'll blame it on the emotions. Then I'll have a beer and be instantly drunkstown (which ='s funstown.) Then, I want to go eat some amazing nachos covered in queso, have a margarita and then an ice both and THEN take a nap. Woah... busy day.

Pray for me. light a candle, chant my name, something on Sunday morning. Oh, and keep your fingers crossed for good weather and no chaffing.

Monday, November 10, 2008


SO, there are some things I don't quite get... I know I'm not ALWAYS anal retentive and I'm not as obsessive about cleaning as I obsess in my mind to be. Does that make sense? It does to me...I have the obsessions and not always the compulsions :) Anyway, I've noticed, though, that I have reacted to my mom's inability to be on time--anywhere--ever. SO, this weekend I went home after running my LAST group run before the day of physical exhaustion... we high tailed it to Dallas, went to the SMU football game, had a lovely evening with friends and stayed at Ben's parents house. I was going to Ft. Worth the next morning to have lunch with moomsy and poopsy and sister prior to her FIRST baby shower. It takes me an hour to get to the lunch destination, and I leave in adequate time, checking the clock approx every 15 minutes to make sure I'll be there at 12 or 12:15 at my mothers request. I arrive, at 12:02. Safe. I get out of the car, walk towards the line, only to answer my phone and have my mom say, "I hope you're running late?" me, "Um, no. I just got here. Where are you?" her "Well..... perhaps I'm running a bit late." me "Where are you?" Her.. "Rhome..." which I know means she hasn't even made it there yet. It means that she's ACTUALLY about 10 minutes from this high hope of a goal. I don't understand. I worry, continually, about being on time for such events. Well, not worry continously, but make extreme effort and stress (this is not helped when I have not planned out my attire as this WILL cause me to be late and my husband to get a glass of wine and take his appropriate place on the couch and say, that looks nice with each outfit I parade in front of him with the constant comments of "I hate my clothes. I want a new wardrobe." ) Our differences can also be seen in the lack of planning for thanksgiving that sends her into uncontrollable Holiday mom... or Holiday Helga as I affectionately call her (while hiding from the wrath.) I'm sure this holiday-ness is passed down from female to female who hose family gatherings. YOu become stressed and speak in high pitches and expect people to read your mind about what you should be doing. I'm sure I'll someday succomb to the illness that I believe xanex can fix. I am trying to help her come upw tih a list of foods... days to prepare and then the final preparations will be easy. She resists like a teenager going to church or a middle school boy taking a shower. Alas... I have created a reaction to this constant lateness, frenzied, hurried, holiday mom... that I'm sure will be my future--God bless us all.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

a lapse in judgement...

and posting. Too many life issues to come up and take my mind off of blogging... but I found my card to Ben from our 3 year anniv. and I had copied down one of the readings from our wedding which seems appropriate with all that his happening at this point in time. (no, not with us)

"...It is the nature of love to create. A marriage itself is something which has to be created. To marry is the biggest risk in human relations that a person can take if we commit ourselves to one person for life. This is not, as many people think, a rejection of freedom, rather it demands the courage to move into all the risks of freedom, and the risk of love which is permanent; into that love which is not possession, but participation. it takes a lifetime to learn another person. When love is not a possession, but participation, then it is part of that co-creation which is our human calling." Madeline L'Engle