Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Es po-see-blay

That her name is Ns. Cleo or Fancy.


Heidi Bruch said...

Ooo-la-la! Hey, we know all about the crappy car luck. Remember my post on my hubs car getting hit (while parked) by a babysitter? Well, we have had a rental since then...which was 2.5 months ago. oh, it is not totaled...closest thing to that, but it is supposed to be done Thursday. You'll love the suv with the babe. I will never go back. Rambling. Love the car.

CDS said...

My sis-in-law LOVEs her Murano! I have another name for you... Betty White. LOL

A.B. said...

Oh Good one Ceci!!! I'll try it out for size. I'm currently enjoying talking about Ms. Cleo. Like, Ms. Cleo and I had a good time on the way to work today.

I like Rambling Heidi!!!!