Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shoe party?

Fundraising.  Yes please.  It's totally harder this time around... as is the running--which I'm currently blaming the car accident (and going to Michigan and having many bevvies with my BFF from grad school in temperatures that were in the 80's... and sometimes 50's.)  Which means, I'm totally behind on both.  Sucky suck suck.

Howevs, I'm having a tupperware party on Thursday.  Well, by tupperware I mean shoes and custom bags.  Fibi and Clo (how adorbs are these??) and 1154 Lill studio.  The shoesies are donating 10% of the proceeds and the bags are 15%.  Want to order and give me credit?  Message me and I will make it happen.  It's like a game changer up in here.  I'm getting the shoes pictured above.

So I got an email about fibi and clo a while ago on a "local" website and then saved it to order them when I got home.  I SEARCHED gmail in hopes of finding these shoes, but alas.  IT was not to be.  Until, at work, a lady who has the fashion sense of a mom from 1984, short shirts, and a love of all things ugly clogs had them on.  What?  Tell me more?  How did you find them?  HOW THE HELL DO YOU HAVE THESE SHOES AND I DON'T? (I yelled inside my head.)  So I contacted her "contact."  Decided my vision must have been Divinely inspired and I needed those damn shoes.  God told me so.

That's the purse I just designed.  De.  Sire.

I also left my root touch up on too long because G woke up 10 mins early and the color stayed on 5 mins too long.  Sigh, oh the life of mommy who also has a poo looking stain on her white pants (not poo.  promise.)


CDS said...

those top shoes are amazing...i'm so jealous! SO JEALOUS!

Heidi Bruch said...

I am so absurdly obsessed with those sandals, I keep coming back to look at them. I want a photo model when you receive them.