Wednesday, August 3, 2011

You lost me after "Welcome."

So my husBen is totally a big deal.  He was on stage for the kick off of NI week in front of 5000 people.  For reals.  NI week is when all of the national instruments locations from all of the world come to Austin and do... things.  They also have lots of meetings with their "alliance" partners.  Lots of dinners.  Lots of late nights.  Lots of early mornings.

So I battled the traffic to see Dr. Ben Black on a big ol' stage.  Let me tell you how this went.  It took me almost an hour to get there, then I parked on the street (heck yes to paying the machine with a credit card), went inside and got a latte and a scone.  Total convention center prices.  Um, hello $8.  Ridiculous.  Followed everyone who appeared to know what they were doing to a GIGANTIC room.  Then it started.  "Welcome....ramble ramble ramble ramble.  Computers.  Moore's law.  Other things.  Simulation."  I have no idea.  Literally the president of their company started talking and I have NO IDEA what he said--other than something about 1965.  Apparently, my technology knowledge is totally behind 65.  Whatevs.

I was helping Ben with his lines on Monday night and stopped and said, "wait.  Is anyone else going to know what you're talking about?"  Apparently yes... but only engineery people.  Nothing like an $8 coffee and computer speak to make a girl feel dumb.

So what have I been doing?  Cleaning.  Cleaning out the pantry, cleaning out the cabinets, cleaning out our laundry room, doing laundry, cleaning toys, and today I did the floors... and promptly found myself saying, "Maggie.  Please don't vomit on the floor right now.  I just cleaned it."

This is not configuring properly.  I should have had an engineer do it, I suppose.  Up above is the monkey my mom made for G for his bday.  Want one?  Any animal.  Let me know.

And him sleeping.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  I swoon.  I took the chance on the adorableness vs. waking up.  Hells yes to the video monitor to alert me of cuteness.  The other pics are of me being an awesome mom and letting him watch some TV, in a diaper, while laying on Maggie.  I'm up for mom of the year.  I also give him diet coke in a bottle in his bed.  (not true.)

We'll save another post for the weaning discussion.  Down to 2x per day.  Next week... I'm thinking once.  Bring it.


jill said...

i love the boy and his cute!

A.B. said...

This kid loves him some dog. Dooooooooooooooo. he also likes the small one. Who would NEVER tolerate being close enough for this kind of photo.

CDS said...

A, did you know we married the same man? D has his techy friends come over and I don't know 1/2 of what they are talking about "blah, blah.blah mac blah blah blah intel" I don't know. ALSO...these pics of G$ with maggie make me mis my Maggie. :( Lucky kid. xoxo

A.B. said...

I did not know this! The intel person (one of them? THE one? no idea) was there. He also spoke.

Perhaps our husbands can have a nerd off?