Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So I was going to write about

things that made me gag today.  (annie's ravioli.  apple juice.  water dripping on my foot after washing dishes.)

Then, I talked to my moomsy.  Today was my  mom's last day at her job.  The last day of her job for the last 20 years.  The school has gotten big.  People have changed.  Things are the same small town they used to be.  She wasn't feeling uplifted or happy there and was ready for a change.  My mom started working at NHS full time when I went into 6th grade and my seestor went into 9th.  I LOVED having my mom at school.  I know most people would hate this, but not me.  The Helga-nator, Helga, Moomsykins.  Mom.  Glammy.  Glammy Pants.  Big Mama.  The original Mama.  She was good people to have around.

Today they had a party for her.  She called me and was so excited that like 50 people showed up.  Kinda huge. She felt appreciated.  You know, it's really amazing when someone you love and doesn't get appreciated very often is finally appreciated and FEELS that way.  It does a heart good.  It did my heart good.

So proud of my Mama.


Courtneytcu98 said...

She didn't tell me about this! Darn it. That is fantastic and she totally deserves all of that and more.

Deana said...

She's spreading the Helga charm to a whole new school community now. I'm so glad that she left with a good feeling and enters this new situation with the buzz of excitement and challenge!