Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A shameless plug--for cancer.

Well against cancer.  For cures.

In the last month, I’ve had some unfortunate events happen. My Uncle passed away on August 8. My Uncle who had been battling failing health for a long time. Two days later when I was almost to work I was in a car accident. My car was totaled. Thankfully, so so thankfully, Griffin was not with me and neither of us (me or the girl who hit me) were seriously injured. My tiny little 3 month old niece was having some health concerns. We had to research and buy a car in a few days. We left a few days later for Michigan (which was by no means a downfall. I got to see my friend Amy!) It felt like 80 thousand things were happening in the matter of one week.

Because of the accident I’ve had a hard time recouping enough to run. I made it back to track this week. I woke up at 5:30 AM, cursed my alarm, and got myself out of bed and to the track. One of my team mates said, "I haven’t seen you in a few weeks." I started to tell him about my car accident and my "whoa as me’s" when I stopped and looked at who I was talking to. A man who had a tumor removed from his brain. A man who was diagnosed with Leukemia. A man who he and his wife (who was my teammate first because he wasn’t yet healthy enough to run) picked up their lives and moved to Houston so he could be at MD Anderson. A man who is now a FAST runner. Has completed multiple marathons and is training—and fundraising for another. So who am I to complain and feel sorry for myself?He and his wife BOTH fundraise THOUSANDS of dollars multiple times a year because they know that it helps. First hand, they know that these funds go to families in need--because they’ve been that family.
Please help me with a tax free donation to LLS and help me reach my goal. Consider the cost of your coffee habit, eating lunch out, or about the costs associated with going to a hospital day in and day out to see your family member. Donate that amount (or more, of course!) Or any amount that you can. I have only FOUR WEEKS LEFT to raise $1136.90.
If 29 people donate $40 I will be there. Or if 46 people donate $25. Or if 114 people donate $10 we can make it happen. Change a life today. Start here. Start now. Be relentless for a cure.



CDS said...

When is the latest I can donate?

A.B. said...

Ceci, a LONG time. Until Nov!