Friday, August 26, 2011

Remember when I had a separation of chin and neck?

I do.  It was long, long ago.

I've started weight watchers again.  on Tuesday--and I'm starving.  So I'm attempting to give Griffin snacks without eating them myself.  oh, and trying to eat "good" things for me.  All of this leads to my current situation of wanting to eat my own arm.  I am hungry.  At some point I was really good at this.  I was really strict and lost a lot of lbs and was at my target weight.  It was easy and I loved it.  Now?  Sigh... I mean, I guess I CARE about losing weight (hello, just paid $60 for 3 months of things I already know), but my motivation is small.  Alcohol has gone up a lot of points.  What?  a Roman Coke is 4 pts?  That's what my breakfast was!  So you're saying I need to skip meals so I can enjoy an adult bevvie?  Lame.  But I'm doing it... ish.  I'm counting my food points and choosing to ignore my alcohol points.  That's the way it works, no?  I'm thinking no, but I'm going with yes.

So if you see me with a rabid look in my eye and a stumble in my step... know it's because I've sacrificed a meal for a cocktail.  I'm that mom right now.

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Elizabeth said...

I once had mucho success on WW, too. It was several years ago, and I'm convinced of one thing: it was as hard then as it is now. There were moments of near arm-eating and discouragement then, just like there are now. But your mind doesn't remember that. Your mind remembers the how fantastic it felt to see results. So don't sell yourself short. Keep the goal in mind and comfort yourself with the thought that, when all is said and done, the arm-eating isn't what you'll remember.

Unless you actually do eat your arm. In that case, it'd be pretty tough to forget.