Monday, August 29, 2011

so. hungry.

I'm hungry.  I have lost 1 lb.  Which could be a fictional lb because I weighed myself up on waking up this morning and after emptying my pee sack.  Then I think, I started on a Tuesday, why did I make my weigh in on Monday?  I will have totally lost another 5 by tomorrow.  I'm sure of it.  So that one lb weight loss is questionable at best.  I'm going to believe it's true though because I'm hungry.  Hungry.  I've been really sticking with the food parts of the ol' WW.  Mostly.  Like, I just ate 2 little halves of a candied walnut and I didn't count that because they were so small.  I also just counted out 19 stone ground wheat (disgusting) crackers to eat with my mini babybel light cheese.  Then I ate a banana.  Because they don't cost anything.

I could have lost a pound from going to see the help last night with some friends (aka book club) because I was a weeping fool.  A weeping fool who restricted calories yesterday so she could have 2 glasses of vino at the movies and a side salad.  The movie was GOOD, y'all.  For reals.  I even read the book and loved it.  Crying mess when people are mean.  Why are people so mean?  Why does Emma Stone look like she's 17?  Why did they not make her boobs look better.  I mean it's a movie and you can do that.  They weren't attractive.  Yes, I noticed.

I also got new bras on Saturday.  I went into VS and got measured and 18 year old girl with a measuring tape was all, "So, like have you ever been measured before?"  Me: "Yes, but I've recently stopped nursing* and so I think my boobs are finally my own again."  Her: "Umm... so should I show you to a fitting room?"  Me:  "yep."  She wasn't so helpful.  I tried on different sizes and shapes and I guess i'm happy with what has occurred minus the fact that my last purchases (a while ago) were D's, and I'm currently wearing a B--lefty is still a C, I think.  I told Ben it's because G$ sucked the life out of me.

*So I say I've stopped nursing, but we bring G down to our bed every morning and he NEEDS to nurse still. Which isn't true.  He doesn't need to because I've been gone running some mornings and he's fine when he just gets up and has breakfast.  My bazooms are done.  They have to like call up some old friends who are in the reserves every morning.  SO the truth is we could go all hard core but I keep reading all of these posts about being a mom and how it goes too fast and treasure the memories and keep in touch and call me next summer etc.  Then I get all "I have to hold onto the moments!" (where he snuggles up next to me and I can doze in and out of sleep for the next few mins--and he is still.  still.)  So there, I said it.  It's my dirty little secret.

And, my sister just sent me these 2 articles from Rants from mommyland which totally sum up my life over the past year.

I'm going to go eat some more candied nuts.

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CDS said...

I was losing weight,...then I went ahead and got my dress tailored for Jess' wedding next technically I shouldn't lose more weight...right? Im in a holding pattern...can't lose and can't gain more. :)