Thursday, July 26, 2012

Big kid things.

Have I mentioned that Griffin is two?  Oh, I have?  Well.  Here's more about that.

He is a BIG kid now.  I know this because he stood up to get weighed and measured.  What the what?  I barely even got any pictures because they were so fast.  At the DOCTORS office.  Crazy, I know.  He did great, though has the memory of his Aunt NeeNee and remembered that there is an elevator in the building and kept repeating, "I ride de ele-bator, mama.  Mama, I ride the ele-bator.  'Mon, mama.  ride the ele-bator."  to which the doc said, "I hear that he is very verbal."  Then when he continued and kept getting louder she said, "I hear that he is clearly 2."

He is pretty average--except for his head--which is above average.  Here are his stats

Weight--27.2 lbs (50%)
Height-- 34 and 5/8 inches (50%)
Head Circumference-- 49cm (75%)
BMI (because what 2 year old isn't complete with that?)-- 16 (30%)

And, because he is a big boy, I'd like him to not wake up crying in the AM's so for a while I've been encouraging him to say, "good morning, mama.  I'm awake."  Which, he still woke up crying, but I'd walk in the room and he'd say, "good morning, mama."  Today, I woke up to "MOMMMYYYYY, I AWAKE.  MOMMMY.  MOMMY.  MOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMY, I awake!  I see MAMA."  with random crying.  Baby steps?

The OK to Wake alarm clock has helped me create a new wake up song, but hasn't changed our lives yet.  I keep thinking it will. So until then...

"I hear that he's 2."

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