Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Diving in.

As we were re-watching the pairs diving olympic trials (yah, I'm all about it) it made me question speedos.  Granted, I constantly question them, but "get it" in this arena.  I get the hair removal (ish.. for competition and tiny bathing suit-ness.)  What I do NOT get is why divers have such TINY speedos that their buttcracks show?  I mean, is the lack of material really helping you fly through the air that much better?  I'm guessing no.  Are they not embarrassed to be watched by the entire world with plumbers butt?  I think I'd be embarrassed. 

Or maybe divers just genetically have extremly long buttcracks?  Awkward. 

I'm in countdown mode.  Countdown until Friday when the opening ceremony starts.  Countdown to medal tallies.  Countdown to gymanstics, diving, swimming, track, the marathon--and yes I will watch that.  because it's fascinating.  and fast.  and their buttcracks don't show.  Granted, they pee themselves in the name of time, but whatever.  I guess I'm just not Olympic material as I do not like my buttcrack to show nor do I pee myself.

This picture isn't exactly what I was looking for... but does show the seethruness... I got nervous with googling "olympic diver butt."  You never know who is watching.


jill said...

i love the olympics. i've got the app ready on my iphone so i can see the medal count and updates as they happen. i'm such a geek.

Kristi Thomsen said...

We are in countdown mode too! So excited!

A.B. said...

I can't wait to get my app started!