Saturday, July 14, 2012

The only way this could be more random is if I had a glass of wine and an ambien. But instead I had 2 beers.

What?  Yah.  Random.

So I'm reading this.  I read her blog.  It makes me laugh.  It is blocked at work because we have crazy ass filters, and because she uses the F word, I think.  It tells me that it's "adult content."  Granted, it told me that once when I was trying to look at a baby blanket, so you never know.  It's hilarious though.

My child turns 2 in ONE WEEK.  What the what?  How did that happen?  He also entertained a house of about 40 people tonight.  He is one sweaty mess of energy.  People told me he's cute, so I'm going with that instead of him being a hot sweaty mess.  Cute just sounds... cuter.  I mean, am I right?

I'm tired.  We had some cabinets rip themselves off of the wall this week.  We have shiz everywhere.  You might recall from the great flood that we are apparently prone to house tragedy.  How this happens?  I'm not sure.  No alcohol was ruined in the process though.  And pinterest has had an increase of "laundry room" envy from me.

I will be back later to wax poetic about our kitchen, our new bed, my sleeping in the middle of a king sized bed by myself, a lady who fell asleep at the little gym, and other tales I'm sure you can't wait to hear.

Peace out.


Perfectly Imperfect said...

I need the blog link! I don't know that blog.

A.B. said...

It's the bloggess. She is hi-lariously funny. In a way that is blocked at my work computer. I think it's the language. Either way, I HIGHly suggest!!