Tuesday, July 10, 2012


July 4 is camp week.  I co-direct a senior high camp.  I have done this for a long arse time.  I started going to this camp in 1990.  I have missed 2 summers.  The first, after my freshman year of college, and then a couple of years ago when I was 9 months preggo.  The dr. poo poo'd the idea.  I didn't get it.  Whatevs, y'all.  Whatevs.  
I met the Ben Black here.  

Ps's.  TX bbq is brisket.  And it's life changing.
PPS's.  I love a golf cart.  I also won't lie that we lost a wheel on one and had a camper pee her pants.  These rides are not for the faint of heart.

My 100 million dollar idea involved glow bracelets.  1.  I love them.  2.  High school kids love them.  3.  high school kids often make poor decisions.  And wear glow bracelets.

I love tie dying.  I also love workout attire.  Mostly I love tie dying.  I want to do some sheets.  Camp feeds my addiction.

I love these girls more than my life.  The girl on the right has been my friend since 1995.  What the what?  PS.  We had a lot of kids born that year.  They are amazingly, hilarious, lovely, shazamy girls.  PPS.  Shazam is a word I decided should make a comeback in our everyday vocab.  These girls also help me bring my dreams to reality in this realm.

80's day?  Yes please.  And yes.  My legs are that big.  Yes.  I AM doing a high school girl pose.

Yes.  This week is life changing.  And needed to keep me healthy.  I live for it.  Breathe it.  Sweat it.  Hope that no scorpion stings it.  

And, with 224 high school kids, I know what drama means.  


CDS said...

I NEED that Texas BBQ shirt! OMG!

Sarah K said...

Neon is the new black. Hot.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

dude. can i come spend this week with you?!

A.B. said...

YES! Please come! how much fun would that be? I'm not going to say it is posh, but it is what it is, and God shows up so there's always that :)

Helen Hopkins said...

You make me so proud! & I have a slight motive - I get to babysit, while you go out and change 224 lives with a little Shazam and a little God.