Monday, July 23, 2012


Griffin is two.  As of yesterday.  7.22.12.  My baby turned 2.  Today babycenter sent me an email about my "pre-schooler."  Which I think is ridiculous.  But that isn't what this is about.

NeeNee got him a lawn mower that (kind of) blows bubbles.  He promptly kicked it out of the way when he saw....... The TRICYCLE.  The beloved bi-chichle.  Loved even more?  His helmet.  Which he refused to take off yesterday and wore in his wagon around the block.  So we kind of looked like crazy parents who make their kid wear a helmet in a wagon.  I judged us.  And his poor choice of wearing a helmet in hot arse weather.  Other amazing presents--books.  an awesome tractor that sings Old McDonald.  An alarm clock (from us!  Thanks Heidi!)  jammies.  Trains.  An alphabet toy.  A dinosaur.

My baby.  My first baby.  Is a big boy.  He sings songs.  He walks on the beam beam beam.  He asks about EVERYONE.  Where daddy?  I see em.  I see garbage truck on Mon-nay.  Who was at your party?  Glammy.  Poppy.  And Lambie.  He is big into playing pretend.  Today he wanted bunny to hold lambie.  He has started calling us mommy and daddy.  I'm holding on to mama.  He is able to throw massive angry fits.  Which is awesome.  He's decided to not like the bath the last 3 days.  He is a good little eater.  He is a sweaty boy.  He likes to help.  He likes to need help.  He likes to say, "wassat mama?"  He is MUCH better in the car.  He still loves to drive.  He loves being outside.  He loves to talk.  He repeats everything.  He talks in sentences.  He knows books.  When we read them he "reads" along with me. He is into lambie.  He wants lambie a lot.  He also wants mama a lot.  He is so so sweet.  And says thank you.  And please.  And is demanding.  And precious.  and makes me laugh.  and likes tisses (kisses.)  I love him.  can't imagine what life was like before him.  (more rested and probably a little more intoxicated. with more nights out. and less time at home.--I like this trade.)

We had his party at the gym down the street and it was awesome.  my best idea ever.  not to have the party at our house.  Second best idea?  Red icing.


Sarah K said...

Woah. I totally thought the red frosting was a pacifier! Hilarious! Happy 2nd Birthday to a very cute little boy!

CDS said...

I just cried a little. 2! A, that is amazing...I can't believe C will be right there with him in about 3 months...crazy crazy! XOXO to your sweet boy! Love you all.

A.B. said...

Red frosting is.... messy! For sure! Get a whole lot of kids ages 4 and under and there you get some mess!

He is adorable. And there is NO WAY C is about to be 2. I can't believe it!

XOXO friends.

Heidi Bruch said...

He is so do handsome and smart and delicious. And I haven't forgot about you, but my email got hacked and hotmail won't let me in. Maybe tomorrow they say. The clock took two days. Cnt wait to hear about it...and thanks for the shout out!

Courtneytcu98 said...

Just for one play of light in one moment in time, it looks like my arm is more tanned than yours. I will hold onto this moment forever. And the party was great.
P.S. warned you about the bubbles totally being a gimmick.

A.B. said...

The bubbles are a false claim. He loves the lawn mower, though.

Good call on the tan-ness. I hadn't noticed. We should probably frame it.

Heidi, I got your spammy email yesterday and was sad for you! How can life go on?

jill said...

happy birthday to the pre-schooler! babycenter really should check themselves when they send such emails to moms.