Friday, July 13, 2012

Now I love puppies...

I love puppies.  I think they are sweet and precious.  I love Gizmo like a furry child.  A difficult furry child with a humping obsession for my moms dog, but whatever.  I get that they are family.

However... here is a conversation just had at work.

B:  Did you hear about all of the babies had this week down on our end of the office?
Me:  No, I didn't!  (yes, I did, but am giving you the chance to brag about your new grandson.)
B:  I had a grandson on Monday, R had a granddaughter on Tuesday and T had 3 puppies yesterday!

It's her fourth grandson, but she was literally more excitable about that.  I've had another person tell me about the puppies too (but not the grandchildren.)

This is an interesting place I work.

In an unfortunate turn of events... I just bought a bag of gardetto's. 

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