Monday, September 16, 2013

6 months old. HMB.

So 6 months old has been this kind of time warp crazy mom brain. I mean at 6 months he is PRACTICALLY ONE. Which means he is almost 5 and leaving me for kindergarten. Which means soon he will GO TO COLLEGE AND LEAVE ME FOREVER. 6 months. My little nugget is 6 months old (as of yesterday.) he is a helmet wearer--except when he isn't. You know, like when he's sleeping. Because it makes him not sleep. Not sure what to do about that. He rolls. he smiles. He BOUNCES. I try to get him to sit up, but he wants to stand and bounce. Michelle Obama arms here I come. He talks. As of yesterday he talks a LOT. babble babble babble. His new trick (one trick pony) is to say ahhhh as I pat his mouth. He thinks it's great. He grabs my hands and puts them to his mouth (in a way that's different than when he tries to eat them.) He has zero teeth. We've tried pears (gross face), sweet potatoes (meh face) and oatmeal (breastmilk on a spoon.) Thinking of going to the baby lead weaning approach. TBD. Don't really see how that's easier, but whatever. You don't sit up. I keep thinking surely it's coming. You keep thinking "why the hell do you keep trying to make me sit up." You have sensitive skin. A helmet. Tubes. ER stays. All in 6 months. Hello high maintenance sweetest child. Other than super talking that he started the minute he turned 6 months was that last night he cried real tears for the first time. SADDEST MOMENT EVER. Especially when I couldn't get to them because of his little helmet (which I promptly removed.) You love your brother now (thankfully.) The feeling is mutual. You think he is hilarious. Little HMB. We love you. Helmet head. stats Weight 16.6 lbs (40%) Height 26.5" (45%) Head Circumference 44.5" (80%) big head.

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