Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In the kitchen.

I've posted before about my undying love for cereal and wine when ben is out of town. Last night I dined on a sammich. I spell it that way because the word sandwich has baffled me for years. I don't make G eat such things. I make him healthy stuff (like chic fil a). By healthy, I mean that we went in and he got to play on the play ground. Anyway, we came home, rode bikes, etc. Kids are in bed. Yesssss I don't have to follow a meal plan I can have another sammich. Effffff we are out of bread. I actually have to make something. For myself. And it turned out guuuuuud. Recipe--Shiz I through together out of the fridge. Sausage all pan cooked up. Cooked. Then towards the end of cooking I added some chopped up cremini's. Cooked pasta in a separate pan. Tossed out the majority of the water. Added about 1/2 bottle of crushed tom's (tomatoes... another word I hate to type) Put in the remainder of our goat cheese. Put in the sausage and mushrooms. Put in some peas. Put in some cream cheese. What else do I have? Kale. Chopped up some dino kale. What else do I have? Tossed in some basil. TASTY. Also, added--3 roman cokes. (I make them weak. I think I should probably have 4.)

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