Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Family vacay 2013

6 adults and 5 children 4 and under. That may sound like the beginning of a joke. It’s also known as family vacay 2013. We had a lot of celebrating to do over Labor day. My dad turned 66, Kellen turned 1 and my mom was celebrating her 65. So why not embark on a crazy journey to the Texas coast. I told my sister this would either be fun, or a total shit show. turns out, I was wrong. It was both. We headed to Port Aransas, TX. A kitschy little coastal town. We were .5 miles from the beach in this awesome little cottage that also had a pool to which our monitors would reach. Not that our kids were sleeping. It was fun to pretend, though. Each family had their own room, and the bigger kids had a room with bunk beds. Hence the veritable shit show of theatrics anytime they were supposed to be sleeping. Me loudly and firmly telling them to get in bed, stop turning on and off the lights, lay down, etc over the monitor worked for approximately 3 seconds before they were back at it. Crazy. The kids are crazy. It was fun. We ate. We drank. We beached. The boys fished. No one vomited. No child was sunburned. We were attacked by the biggest mosquito’s ever. We photo’d. We didn’t rest. We nearly lost a child at the beach. We had time outs. We had tears. We had sharing. We had sweet moments. We have a lot of laundry. We had a lot of packing up to do. We had a lot of fun. Then we had really long trips home that left everyone exhausted. Prepare for photo overload. this isn't even half. lawsy.

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