Thursday, September 12, 2013

Heat wave--aka when I want to hate everyone

Our air conditioning went out this year. again. For the 5th time in our 6 years. You know, that AC that we had replaced last summer? Yah... that one. It was getting hot. Steamy. Ben always thinks this is in my head. Much like my extreme mommy hearing and ability to smell he thinks it's just an additional sense. You know, until i point out that it's like 90 degrees in our house and that I'm sweating my face off. It took them TWO WEEKS to get it fixed. Lemme tell ya... my love of individuals is directly related to how hot I am. Aka, no surprise third baby. Thankfully we have neighbors who have a portable ac they let us borrow and we bought 2 window units. And we went on vacay for some days. At which point we believed we were coming home to an amazingly cooled house. Not so much. because they forgot to order the part. Um, what the F? If I could punch those people in the neck I would. Anyway, if you want me to like you... to love you... give me air conditioning. give me airconditioning. diamonds. a baby not sleeping in my bathroom. a house cleaner. etc etc. First world problems.

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