Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I've never owned a library card. Unless you count going to elementary school or having a school ID in college or grad school. My friend Amy and I would go study (or something?) at the "new library" at Emory because it looked totally ivy league... aka, like it was on Dawson's Creek. Which... our love for that was ranked pretty high. Anyway, today I'm taking G$ to get a library card. Which I think he will adore. Mostly because it's HIS.

Ok mostly he found the kiddie computers and obsessed about them. And told some moms that he smelled like bagels. And that it was hard to wait sometimes. Thankfully they found him cute.

He also found some random book called the not so quiet night (or something) about the birth of Jesus. I started reading it to him when he told me I was being too loud. All I could think was that it must have ended with Mary screaming because they didn't have epidurals back then.

We didn't get that one. FYI.


CDS said...

Oh how my love for you grows each day. I love this!

A.B. said...

@cds. you are my favorite.