Monday, September 16, 2013

HMB 5 months. (one month and one day late. oopsy.)

I just had to do a little checkeroo to see if I had posted a 5 month post. Which lets be honest... I haven't. Because I have abandoned this blog like skinny jeans. (Dear teenage boys, please abandon skinny jeans.) Anywho... HMB will be 6 months old next week so I better get a start on it, right? Oh, little Meyer. My happiest baby on the block, you are the most patient baby ever. Which is great because your 3 year old (very very very 3 year old) brother isn't. You have apparently had fluid on your ears for your entire life and haven't complained about it once. You got tubes last week and cried inconsolably for a little while and then went back to happy. You sleep pretty well. You still wake up once or twice a night. You laugh. Lots. You smile. At everyone. You have started to think that your big brudder is pretty funny. You roll from back to front like a champ (once we got those pesky tubes), but seem to have forgotten that you can also roll the other way. Boys. You never poop. You put everything in your mouth. You have zero teeth and a really fuzzy head. Your baby mullet patch is still holding strong. Your hair is coming in very blonde. You don't like to be under a nursing cover. No one puts baby in a corner. If there is other stuff going on you'd rather not eat and just observe. You occasionally squawk like a dinosaur? It's precious. You rarely get bathed because who has the time? You never poop. Except when you do. You need to sleep in a sleep sack and can't get settled if you aren't. Your feet are just THAT fascinating. You pat me on the arm and back when you are excited to see me. You kind of "pinch" me when you nurse. I have a bruise. Bruiser. Maybe we'll add that to your list of nicknames. Tiny. Chunks. Spit up king. Have I mentioned you still spit up. A lot? FYI. I'm over that part. The rest of you can stay this way forever. You LOVE to jump in the jumper. Love. And you have obviously decided it's time for my arms to get in shape because you want me to bounce you, too. You don't sit up by yourself yet (insert mom concern that you are delayed.) You do well in the car. You sweat like a beast (your dad.) You love the dogs and want to grab them. You went on your first vacation with the fam to Port A. You felt meh about it. Your brother loves you in a semi-obsessive and fierce way. He wants to be on you or in your face or "helping" almost always. It's the sweetest. Unless he doesn't. Then he wants me to put you in your bed. He's 3, Meyer. He can't help it. I can't believe you are 5 months old. I both feel like that is REALLY new and like I can't really imagine life without your sweetness or like you haven't been here for always. I also can't believe you are almost 6 months old (perk of having a lazy ass mom who forgets to post). Which makes me kind of panicky and hand flappy. Time to get on planning your first birthday party. Which will be on your actual birthday, March 15 2014. Way to plan that one, dude. To my little Hopkins Meyer Black. I love you. I want to snuggle you always. And have quiet time with you. But alas, you came second. (more pictures coming soon. They are waiting to escape the camera.)

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