Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lactation consultant?

When Ben hears ANY song with the word "memory" in it as "mammary." It's funny. Try it some time.

I'm basically a milk cow. Fo' reals. Worse now that G is sick and not eating. I didn't know that most people don't pump out... 800 ounces at a time. I didn't know that most people don't need to wear breast pads 24-7.

In a gross note... one, and/or both of my dogs likes to eat breast pads. Disgusting. I also wash them a lot. Also gross.

My b-feeding has still yet to make me drop 3k lbs in 3 weeks. By three weeks I also mean almost 7 months.

Mmmm girl scout cookies.


Meg said...

Breast pads....24/7. You're not alone. Word.

A.B. said...

This is from the girl who comes home and immediately disrobes into tshirts and pj pants. My boobs haven't been released in 7 months. Sad times.

Perfectly Imperfect said...

you kill me.

i heard the weight doesn't really come off til you quit. hope! yay!

what's my excuse?!?

pretzel m&m's. yum...

A.B. said...

Pretzel mm's are kind of heaven in a bag. I prefer my bag to be the giant size. I mean, I need the calories. I'm breastfeeding for goodness sakes.