Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 months

Griffin turned 10 months on Sunday.  Can you believe it?  I can't.  At all.  He is the sweetest, happiest baby (except, you know... when he's not.  Like in the car.)  He's fast.  And funny.  And wants me to chase him.  And wants to pull up on everything.  He likes to eat.  He loves him some strawberries.  He still wakes up once a night to nurse... though the last week it's been twice a night.  I'm hoping it's just a growth spurt and that goes away.  He does the biggest cheesy grin.  It makes me giggle every time.  Today he saw someone on tv clap and he clapped, too.  He also spent 5 minutes at bed time giving me big open mouth kisses on my cheeks.  It's hard to put him down when he's doing that... so I didn't for a while.  He says "mama" really often.  He claps.  He says "ball".  He love love loves dogs.  My mom is convinced he says, "glammy" but it just sounds like squealing to me.  In the last month he's started to really love his lambie lovie.  We have 3 so that they can be on rotation.  If you put it on your shoulder at bed time he lays his head down and snuggles up.  It's the sweetest.  He woke up the other morning at 5.  I ignored and he stayed awake so I went to get him and put him in bed with me.  He snuggled up beside me and slept until 8.  I know why people have lots of babies.  I love him.  He needs a haircut-even with that receding hairline that's hanging on.  His feet are super tickleish and if I put them in my mouth--even more so.  He will sit behind a chair and play peekaboo with me and laugh big ol' belly laughs.  Adorable.  He gets upset if I put him in the bouncer or the pack n play so I can run to the bathroom or do something.  It can bring tears. I can't imagine a time when he's not my baby, but I know that the toddler stage is coming soon.  But for now I seriously just love alllllllllllll over him.  Kiss him all of the time and tell him I love him every five minutes.  Maybe more.  And that... is just a small small fraction of every bit of him.


CDS said...

G$ is too too cute and he is so so lucky to have you as his mama.

Meg said...

This post is so sweet...made me sappy adn sad that my child isnt a baby anymore.... :(